Sunday, July 19, 2009

Once upon today

Before I rove into the ubiquitous world of blogging I would like to disclaim that my vocabulary has never been this robust but was made so with the help of Microsoft Word's thesaurus; also, that everything that I write from this point on is complete and utter unadulterated truth.

I've never done a blog before and I really don't know what it takes for it to be the sort of blog that people will want to read from. I suppose that the most entertaining bloggers are ones that talk about things going on their lives that are interesting. In the spirit of things that are interesting I will list in no particular order, the things that are interesting that have happened to me in the last few days.

1. I was writing the opening paragraph and I so completely misspelled the word "exaggerate" (which I didn't even end up using) to "eggsadurate." This spelling was so completely off, that Word gave me possible spellings which include and are not limited to:
  • obdurateness
  • supersaturate
  • restaurateur
As a side note, I wrote that last sentence "... and are not limited to:" and I swear to you that someone on T.V. just said that exact sentence. It was as if the sentence itself was meant to be heard by millions.

2. Roo (our rabbit) farted audibly

3.It was unbelievable hot today, so Melissa and I rode our bikes to the park to read a book and I carried Roo in my backpack. We got to the park, sat down, and started reading. We read for about five minutes and decided it was too hot so we went home. We got so sweaty that we took a cold shower and got really cold so we went back outside and got into a conversation with our well versed neighbor, which made us hot again. We got so angry that we were hot and sweaty again that we ate our neighbor's family.

4. Melissa was telling me that she thinks Roo is so cute that she could just kick Roo across the room. In response I asked her, "Melissa, why is it when you say something is cute, you want to do something bad to it?" She turned to me and said, "Blake, when I see something cute, I litterally want to reach down, pick it up by the head, and smash it against the wall. That's why I say those things." I will never understand women, nor will I have children with one.


  1. I do the same thing. See something cute and want to slap it, or trip it, push it over or bite it really hard. Its not easy to explain.

  2. By the way, I cant belive youlog, made a blog, thats a ....womaly thing to do...

  3. I love it!! a Blog!! You were meant to be a blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let stacy and me "cute" it up...