Monday, August 3, 2009

Body Power!

I just want to say something, mostly for the benefit of my husband. So, these past two weeks have produced a lot of pain for my feet. I fell off a skateboard (making it hard to walk for a few days), I split my big toenail right down the middle, scraped off the back of my foot, busted my ankle at the tumbling gym and got two fat FAT blisters from playing night games. Now, anyone who really knows me and how I am when I'm in pain or am sick will know that I don't take medicine, and going to the doctor is a last resort. I like to rely on my body's ways of healing itself rather than taking drugs. If I get a sliver (which I did last week), Blake will be the first to come at me with a knife or needle. He's afraid that it could get infected. I understand that it could get infected, but I hate having people poke me with knives and needles (is that so crazy), and I'd rather the sliver just work itself out. It always has for me. Friday night I was playing this great night game called "Heist". It was a blast and a half, but I got the two biggest blisters I've ever had in my life, on my big toes. Blake, on cue, comes at me with that murderous twinkle in his eyes offering to prick the blisters himself so "they'll heal faster".
"It won't hurt" he promises, "it's just dead skin".
Well, I wasn't quite sure about that, so I told him as I often do, that I would prick it myself when I was ready.
. . . . . . . . drum roll please. . . . . . . . . .
This morning I woke up and SHAZAM!. . . both blisters were magically gone!
So, either blake charged at my toes with a needle last night unannounced to me, or my body did as it usually does, took care of it by itself, without scary needles and knives.
I rest my case.

That is, until tonight when undoubtedly the Lord will give me an infectious sliver just to teach me a lesson :)

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